About Me

Ella Z. 

I am Ella Z. A 20 twenty year old Plus size Filipina. I was born and raised in the Philippines but I'm currently residing here in California. I used to hate my body,my figure,and the fact that I am different from the so-called "normal people".For so many years I felt and I believed that I was Ugly.I kept on hearing negative comments from people about my weight.But now, I learned to love my body and to embrace the fact that despite of me being plus sized, I am Beautiful! I am Fatbulous! I am very confident to say that I am a size 14/XL. Now repeat after me... "Fat is Sexy,Fat is Beautiful!"

As for my personal style, I really dont't have a specific one. I just play around different outfits.Mix and matching creates the magic! I love to add  statement bags or shoes in my outfits. It brings the elegance and sophistication in it. Fashion and Beauty shopping makes me very happy.Styling outfits is who I am and it helps me express myself.

Winnie the Pooh is a huge part of my life.He is my Love.My happiness.I know it doesn't really connect with me, styling outfits, But my personal blog wouldn't really be "mine". If I don't mention my huge love for POOH.

xoxo Ella Z.


  1. Go girl! I'm so proud of you! God bless! Tight hugs!

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  3. Thanks Ei Ney for contributing with your photographs , to reverse the mindset of many people ; to destroy old patterns . Forgive my English is not very good. Greetings from Spain.


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  5. You are sooo pretty and love your style. I'm a fan. You inspire me so much. I just bought a white dress which i never had before until i follow you on instagram last week. Keep it up. ~ mimieme

  6. Nice thought honey, fat is sexy, fat is beautiful. you are so gorgeous