About Curveella


The base of Curveella is Plus size Fashion. Its main focus is on trendy fashion and style for young women. A plus size fashion for less. Also a little bit of beauty, decor and shopping hauls.

 The meaning behind Curveella is really simple. Curve- curvy and plus size ; Ella- my first name. Curve + Ella = Curveella

It all started in 2012. I was enlightened and inspired by the plus size women that I see on instagram.They all looked fatbulous and confident wearing their stylish outfits. I hated my body before. I thought that I  didn't have the right and capability to look and feel good about myself just cause "I am FAT". So, one day while I was going through Instagram, I decided to change the way I see and present myself. I started styling and posting my personal outfits on Instagram as OOTD's. I was very surprised and pleased that people started to like my posts and give positive comments. I also gained followers who tell me that I inspire them.

People around me saw how optimistic I am about my weight. They saw a positive change on the way that I dress up and present myself. My family, friends and IG followers encouraged me to start my own fashion blog. I noticed that there isn't much of a fashion blog that caters to young plus size women like myself. To be honest,at first, I was really hesitant to do this. And then I realized that I needed an outlet to showcase my eye for styling. I needed a much better way to inspire more people. So this is it...

Curveella, a blog that is different from others. A blog that gives importance to Young Plus Size Women. A blog that aims to inspire women to think that, "Size is not a reason to sacrifice Style".



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