Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey Curvies! I just wanted to share what went on at the TORRID #THESECURVES POOL PARTY yesterday. It was held at The Monaco Mansion at Orange,Ca. The house was beyond perfection! It was huge, extravagant and the view was amazing! Torrid did an awesome job choosing this huge house! I honestly didn't get to take so much photos because I was just having so much fun going around and eating the tasty food that LOVE CATERING was passing around oh that mac n' cheese was amazeballs! The flower headbands that we Curvies are rocking was made by  RAGGEDY TIFF. Both my floral two piece and my crochet kimono are from Torrid Fashion.  





Huge thanks and credits to my twin Irene for my amazing photos❤️

Thank you so much TORRID FASHION for having me again this year! 
xoxo, Ella Z. 













  1. These videos reminded me about my wedding. That day was full of happiness. It was 5 years ago. We also have a special video and like to watch it sometimes.

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