Christmas Dress ~ Chafing Thigh no more

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hey Curvies! I bet most of you are stressing out , juggling work/school and holiday prep all together. Shopping for gifts and Holiday party here and there. I know we all have a long list of to do's before the Christmas day comes. How about I check off an item or two  from your list. Yah?

In need of a Holiday dress? Christmas outfit or perhaps a New years eve dress. Look no further, this dress that I am featuring today is the the answer to your holiday ootd problem. Alright, can we just stare at this insanely beautiful dress. just give it a good stare! Isn't lovely? Well, it's not only a beautiful dress. It's equally great quality and intricately made. This dress has an inner cut which is the dress itself and the tulle like material as the accent outer layer where the hand sewn floral sequence is intricately made. The dress also features thin long sleeveless that goes perfect this cold holiday season. SimplyBe sure knows how to make their dresses. 

Now that I got your dress covered. How about I check off your gifting list? I'm pretty sure you have at least one or two sexy and beautiful plus size friend, right? or maybe it's you my gorgeous curvie reader. Well, a plus size body often experience chafing thighs or even a regular size women experience it as well, specially during summer time and/or when we wear dresses and skirts. 

In the past I didn't know that chafing thighs had cure or prevention meds until I found Monistat Chafing gel last year and it helped my problem a bit, my big issue with it is that I find that I always have to reapply multiple times throughout the day. That dilemma stopped when I found BANDELETTES  a pair of thigh bands to protect and provide comfort throughout the day, no more reapplying and pain. You guys it doesn't slip or slide it totally stays on the whole day. Bonus, It's super duper  affordable less that $20, you can totally buy it in every style and color. 

I for one have been struggling with chafing thighs for quite sometime now. Specially when I was still living in the Philippines, where it's always hot and humid. That's why I'm so glad that I now have Bandelettes to prevent it. 

xoxo Ella Z.


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