Pre-fall wet seal plus haul ~ Closet Staple

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey Curvies! Did you know that I actually started my own youtube channel a few months ago? Are you subscribed yet? If not, what are you waiting for! Subscribe now for plus size videos, beauty, random vlogs and taglish videos. Wink! Oh, I actually posted a new Pre-Fall Fashion Haul. All featured items are from Wet Seal Plus. Watch it below!

I've gotten a lot of great feedbacks/compliments with this outfit. I'm actually surprised that a lot of you loved it. It is simply basics and closet staples styled into one outfit. If you don't own a chambray shirt, you better get your own now. Chambray shirts can totally be worn countless times. How about a good black jeans, I'm totally obsessed with this pair I love how perfect and chic the distressed work is on this pair. Am I the only one who's into anything dusty rose color? Can't stop wearing this bomber jacket and cap combo. Oh and did you like this white saddle bag? omg it looks like a chloe inspired bag and it's only about $12 dollars. How good is that?

xoxo Ella Z.

1 comment:

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