mix it ~ plaid and floral

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hey Curvies! How's your Fall season going so far? As expected it is still hot here in Socal, fortunately most nights it cools down a bit. So today's post is not only a crazy mixed prints outfit but also a weather transition outfit idea. Like what I just mentioned, it is still hot and sunny from where I am but when the sun sets it gets windy and a bit chilly. So planning an outfit to wear is a total struggle.  

The plaid green tank works best during daytime. Thin, breathable and definitely flaterring on. Tank paired with denim shorts for a casual daytime look. Once the clock hits 6 o'clock transition it into a chic and statement style. As you can see I added and mixed in a lightweight floral print bomber jacket to warm up myself from the wind and wore a statement over the knee booties to spice up the whole outfit even more. Oh and the floral bomber jacket works for both male and female. I'll insert a photo of my brother/photographer wearing the same floral jacket. 

Curvies! Always play around your outfit and try different styles from time to time. Don't be afraid to mix in different prints, colors and texture in one outfit. Just make sure that you have at least one color that's matching. 

xoxo Ella Z.

Hello fall'16 ~ PHO real tho

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hey Curvies! Happy first day of Fall 2016 loves! My favorite season of the year has finally came. Thank God no more summer, hot and sweaty weather. Well actually I'm living in Socal so it's technically I'm not feeling any fall climate just yet. But when the calendar says it's the start of fall, then I'll start my fall fashion posts as well. 

Sweater, Boots, PSL and Pho season has truly began. So I created this super duper cute fall outfit for you. The whole outfit shouts Fall in Socal to me. I'm pretty sure you guys tend to get confused about what to wear on a fall day in a bipolar weather state. So if you're like me and you can't decide what to wear in those circumstances then you better get these pieces in your closet. 

Curvies! I know you would ask me about this boots. This boots exactly is from WET SEAL PLUS I got them when they hosted a blogger preview event. Unfortunately this exact pair is not yet available on the site. I will for sure update you once it's available for purchase. 

Ok Ok! Tell me I'm not the only one who's obsessed with this pullover's PHO real embroidery. hahahaha!!! When I saw this top, I grabbed right away! I mean the color is so fall, super duper soft material and of course the humor in it.  Oh and I finally have a camp top, been searching for camo top for months now, I love how the camp color of it is not so bold, the light wash color of it sold me and the bonus patches of course.

xoxo Ella Z.

Pre-fall wet seal plus haul ~ Closet Staple

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey Curvies! Did you know that I actually started my own youtube channel a few months ago? Are you subscribed yet? If not, what are you waiting for! Subscribe now for plus size videos, beauty, random vlogs and taglish videos. Wink! Oh, I actually posted a new Pre-Fall Fashion Haul. All featured items are from Wet Seal Plus. Watch it below!

I've gotten a lot of great feedbacks/compliments with this outfit. I'm actually surprised that a lot of you loved it. It is simply basics and closet staples styled into one outfit. If you don't own a chambray shirt, you better get your own now. Chambray shirts can totally be worn countless times. How about a good black jeans, I'm totally obsessed with this pair I love how perfect and chic the distressed work is on this pair. Am I the only one who's into anything dusty rose color? Can't stop wearing this bomber jacket and cap combo. Oh and did you like this white saddle bag? omg it looks like a chloe inspired bag and it's only about $12 dollars. How good is that?

xoxo Ella Z.

plus size slip dress

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hey Curvies! I don't really know what to say. I feel like I'm trying so hard on this outfit post and I do apologize in advance if I disappointed you in any way, so please let me know if you liked it. I for one is not sure with the way I styled it. I just really wanted to make this slip dress work. You maybe thinking why am I even forcing to make this outfit work. For one I want to try out more styles and give new style inspirations to you, also I wanted remake a style that thin women wear onto plus size body and lastly I simply want to challenge myself so I would learn and grow. I hope you get my point, I just want to make a different content for you, away from simple and repetitive styles. 

Slip dress/Lingerie dress is a total trending piece this season. We all see it all over instagram, celebrities etc. Have you ever seen a plus size woman wear it out like it's a normal people dress? Well if you haven't already, look at my photos below. I styled it two ways, one simply worn over a shirt dress for a more casual look and the other under a leather jacket for a more dressed and glammed style. Besides me recreating a trending style, I also found a very much affordable version of a slip dress that you can buy at Wet Seal Plus. I really hope that I gave justice to dress and style, also I hope I drew inspiration for your next outfit choice.

Floral Bomber ~ athleisure

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hey Curvies! I know I've been slacking lately. I really do apologize for the lack of blog posts. If you've been following me on Instagram @curveella which you totally should. You would've seen me post about this outfit. A lot of people loved this floral bomber jacket by Wet Seal Plus . Actually it's not the typical bomber jacket that I usually post because of its unique material. The material is scuba like which gives it the hugging feel, it is definitely soft and comfortable on. That is it! Nothing much to say besides how cool and comfortable this outfit is.  I know it's a quick one. I'm in the middle of cleaning up my bathroom.lol But yeah! A lot of things lined up for you. 5 youtube videos and multiple blog posts. Get Excited! Love you all.

xoxo Ella Z.

90's throwback + dress over shirt

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hey Curvies! Today's blog post is a total throwback. As you can see from my photos below, I'm wearing a dress over a shirt which is one of the biggest trend back in the 90's. This just proves that 90's fashion is back! You guys I vividly remember that my mom used to dress me with this same style back in  96'-97'. I actually found a photo of me and my mom wearing the exact dress style. (  Insert a cute hungry baby face Ella lol )

I'm just amazed by how fashion and style repeats itself. Well of course a style repeat in a total modern and chic way. This dress for example, back then dresses worn over a shirt is plain,straight and a little on the conservative side. Now, brands make dress look plain jane but if you look closely to it, it actually has a texture, it's on the slim body con style and it has a slit detail. I noticed that every plain dress nowadays are not really plain because there is a secret detail to it, it can be a simple fit, tie or even a cut. I'm pretty sure you want to buy this dress now, I mean who doesn't? You can grab  everything from this outfit at Wet Seal Plus. Do it know because WS has a huge sale going on.

xoxo Ella Z.