Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey Curvies! This past few days has been the craziest but the best experience. I've been to my dream beach getaway to Malibu, I attended a great event and the best part is I got to spend a day with my sister that I haven't seen in 5 years in Las Vegas. Yes, it was just a day but it was totally unforgettable and all these happened unplanned and sudden. You see in life you really don't know what's gonna happen next. One day we can be bored and/or tired of our stressful life and also in a snap a dream can be fulfilled or a random  person can change your whole life. I'm becoming all sentimental here but my point is, Life is very unpredictable also it is very much transformable.

Life is totally like a piece of clothing. Just like this dress. You have the choice to style it or not. Adding something like an accessory or another piece of clothing can change the whole look but wearing it plain and simple is just as pretty. I mean if you're reading this and looking how I styled a basic dress you can totally relate with everything that I said.

 Need I say more. This dress is a great foundation to any accessory or clothing. A perfect layering piece for any season. Oh! I'm totally impressed with the high quality of this bomber jacket totally worth the price. I own a lot and this is by far my favorite and I can already tell that I would wear it so much for fall.

xoxo Ella Z.


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