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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hey Curvies! How you guys been? I know I haven't posted in awhile but yah I'm back. We're going for a really casual outfit today. Something casual but still on the trendy stylish side that everybody can wear around and it's also school appropriate outfit. I totally envy the teens that go to school here in America, I mean you get to dress up everyday,show whatever style you have and look cute everyday. But you know I can't imagine the stress that you go through everyday to think about what to wear to school. Well of course all thoughts coming from a girl who wore uniform to school 

Well as you all know I grew up in the Philippines so all through out my school life I wore school uniform everyday. I swear the only day we get to dress up are for, school programs, christmas party and farewell party. That's it! usually those days people really dress for the best. I  miss those school days tho. 
Stripe Tee
Denim Shorts  - GSlovesme  
Suede tan cap

xoxo Ella Z. 


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