Summer Style + Wet Seal Plus Haul

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey Curvies! Happy Memorial Weekend! Let me ring a great day with my first ever youtube video a Wet Seal Plus Haul! Please excuse my awkwardness and my poem reading like It's my first time filming a video and it took me 2 hours to film a 2 minute video. I had a lot of fun though so please do watch it. Thanks!

Now let's talk about this really cute summer outfit that I styled from my Wet seal plus haul. I posted a sneak peek on my Instagram and I'm glad you loved it. I know rompers are a really outfit but let's be real, it can also be a pain in the ass when it's time to go to the bathroom.  But this white crochet romper won't give you that hassle because.... it has back zipper! If that's n to a valid reason for you to buy it i don't know what is! loljk. No kidding aside this romper is a total summer must have because you can wear on it's own with nude under garments or you can also use it as a beach/pool swim cover up.

xoxo Ella Z.

girly bomber

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey Curvies! Stopping by to give you a quick sporty outfit inspiration on a Friday. The whole outfit is basically basics put together with a pop of pink bomber jacket. This kind of casual style is my thing lately. I mean it's comfy yet stylish and I'm officially a fan of bomber jackets. That's it didn't wanna bother you guys so much. Hope you liked it! Have an amazing long weekend! 

dressed up or down?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hey Curvies! How you guys been? Life has been pretty crazy for me the past week so I do apologize for the delay of blog posts and youtube video. I'll for sure upload a haul video and more outfit posts ASAP.

As you can see below, I styled this Denim dress in to 2 ways. Dressed up or Dressed down? Casual or Dressy? Which team are you in? Well, I'm in for both because it all depends on my mood of the day. Sometimes I like to go really fancy and most days I prefer comfort. Whichever team you're in, both style works for a denim dress. I don't even know if I'm making sense here but all I wanted to say is that , you can totally wear denim dresses multiple times without looking like you wore it  multiple times. Key? Style it differently each time you wear it. OK?

This Denim dress from wet seal plus comes in 3 different shades and I'm wearing the lightest one, also I do recommend for you to go a size up when ordering this. I'm typically a size 1x but for this I chose to buy a size 2x for a more comfortable feel.

xoxo Ella Z.

ruffled maxi dress

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey Curvies! Thank you again for all the greetings and amazing feedback on my Youtube launch. Subscribe on my Youtube Channel if you haven't already. I'm pretty sure you guys wanted to see the full look of the dress that I wore on my recent  blogiversary post so here it goes...

A flowy neutral colored maxi dress with ruffled accents. I'm a big wearer of maxi dress but I always have a big dilemma with the length coz I'm only 5' tall so the length of this maxi dress from Wet seal plus is total plus. With high heels or not it's wearable for us shorties.

xoxo Ella Z. 

2nd Blogiversary ~ Youtube launch

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hey Curvies! The 18th of March 2016, marks Curveella's 2nd year Blogiversary.  Happy Anniversary to us guys. Like what I always say and will forever do, I am extremely grateful for all the love and support that you give me and my blog.

Today as I celebrate this blog's 2nd birthday, I am also launching my own Youtube Channel. Yes, I'm finally doing it! I've always wanted to start my own channel even before I made this blog and now I finally had the guts to do it. I hope you can support me even more on this new venture. I'm not promising any magical,extremely creative nor high quality videos but I do swear that We'll have fun, I'll show my raw and authentic me.

Another year had past and I just want to share a few of the amazing things that happened this year!

- Gained 13.6K followers on Instagram
- Featured 3x on Huffington post
- Became a brand representative/ambassador 
- Launched my own capsule collection with Society + ( Curveella Collection )
- Modelled for Kiyonna
- Collaborated with my ultimate dream brand Torrid
- Access/Privileged to attend exclusive events and parties
- Perks and Free stuff
- Met a lot of blogger/influential that I look up to
- Made friends and connection with other bloggers

Best of All : The Happiness and Assurance that I'm doing something right with my life. 

Big or little accomplishments, everything matters because I'm sure I inspire at least one of you.

These won't be all be possible if it wasn't because of your unending love and support! 
Thank you Thank you so much! 

xoxo Ella Z.

All Glory To God! #Blessed 

layer up - denim vest

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey Curvies! It's been gloomy lately so I decided to style a perfect outfit for those gloomy lazy days. So the light weight trench coat was a big hit last fall/winter and so did the trench vests. Now that it's spring and without us knowing it'be summer.  The awesome Fashion to Figure came up with this denim trench vests. How cool!

Well, I styled it in a very neutral way since it's been gloomy but I'll for sure style it some other time and make it a little more bright and lively. Overall I'm just in love with this. Totally a unique piece of clothing.

Hey! Stay tuned for my next blog post. It'be a celebration!!!

xoxo Ella Z.

adding color to an outfit

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey Curvies! TGIF! Today's blog post features a bold but lightweight cardigan, perfect for spring/summer layering. You can wear it closed up or open. Made with chiffon material so it could also be worn as a swimwear cover up. As per the color its's definitely noticeable but, it's not as bright, more like a toned down tiffany blue. A piece of clothing that can style up a boring outfit. If you're a basic chick and you want to add color to your life, you've got to have this. 

This distressed jeans by YMI , Magically gave my butt a lift! lol. Though it's a bit long on me, well because I'm a shortie 5'. It worked still, I just had to cuffed the bottom, which I like better. If you're a 5' 3" - 5' 5" plus size girl this would really look amazing on you. Instant butt lift, perfect light wash,soft material and perfectly distressed = Amazeballs. 

xoxo Ella Z.