sexy edgy boho chic

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey Curvies! I can't believe April is almost over. Where did the days went? Anyway, since we still have a few days left of April and festival season just started. Festival esque outfit continues... Since I can't go to Coachella, I'm bring the party here on my blog/instagram. I admit I'm not the most adventurous,when it comes to crazy styling my outfits compared to other Coachella attendees but here's my take to that sexy edgy boho chic style that everyones obsessing about.

This high double slit Maxi Dress is the perfect foundation with the style that I'm going for. The print gives the boho vibe, slits adds sexiness, the spikey necklace as edginess and denim jacket that all chic ladies have.

xoxo Ella Z.


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