Ember Lynn Designs Launch Party

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hey Curvies! Last night was a night full of plus size fashion and blogger fun at the private launch party of Ember Lynn Designs. 

Ember Lynn Designs features a range of couture high fashion plus size collection. Made and designs by the owner's Passion and need for plus size clothing.  

new on my blog

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey Curvies! The past Christmas I was gifted this Adidas Sweatshirt by a dear friend. Adidas apparel are very much in style/ on trend right now and never thought in a millions years that I would style one. Just cause lets be real it's a bit pricey and It's just not what I typically go for. So right when I received it, I immediately thought of styling it. It's like a sign to just give the sporty style a try and so I did!

Don't judge me if I didn't give this style trend a justice. I'm just trying to experiment a little. Anyway I had to go to the ever reliable Pinterest and search for an inspiration and this is what I came up with. I paired the sweatshirt with a white pencil skirt to add a bit of feminine vibe to the outfit , a black glittered ear cap and I finished it of with an Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

So did I do good? Should I post more sporty style outfits?

Adidas Trefoil Sweatshirt ~ AdidaseBay 

Adidas Trefoil Sweatshirt ~ Adidas, eBay 
Adidas Stan Smith Snakeskin Black ~ Foot locker

xoxo Ella Z.

not your typical leather jacket

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hey Curvies! You guys know how much I love stripes and today I am styling it with a statement Army Green Leather Jacket. You know me and my love for statements. I love shopping for bold statement pieces that I can style and create different moods from.     

You guys should totally invest on a nice Jackets/Outerwear owning one can totally make outfit planning so easy. You literally can pair one with any basic piece from your closet.This specific one from FTF or FTFSnaps on Instagram is very unique because it features a very trendy colorblock design. So if you wanna go for something outside the box, you should definitely go for something like this. 

xoxo Ella Z.

happiness planner 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hey Curvies! Hope you all are having a wonderful new year. The first week of the year has been very good to me and I can't wait to share to all of you the good news and new projects to come. I can really feel and I'm claiming that this year 2016 will be filled with happiness, new oppurtunities and blessings. 

Believing and claiming it is totally a good start. Doing and putting in work is the hard part. I for one falls from time to time. Yes, I do have goals but sometimes I forget about what I really want and I tend to stop hassling. I need a constant reminder that I have a set goal to work and achieve for. 

The best way that truly worked for me was when I wrote everything down. Writing all your dreams,goals and plans down and reading it whenever you feel unmotivated can easily turn things around and remind you everything that you have set and need to work for. 

The Happiness Planner have been guiding and helping me write and organize my thoughts. Every morning I write down my plans and goals for the day and at I cap every night  by writing what made me happy and grateful that day. A planner that not only keeps you organized it also helps you reflect the wonderful things that God has blessed you everyday. Stay Motivated and Focus on what makes you happy.

xoxo Ella Z.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hey Curvies! Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already 2016. Hope you all had a wonderful  holidays. 

I guess it's just right to start up the year with a fitness related post. I'm pretty sure most of us are trying to lose all the food that we feasted throughout the holidays. I for one needs to lose a couple of inches for my sisters wedding. I do know most of us are body positive curvies but as everybody says "health is wealth".  So for the first blog post of the year 2016 I am featuring a SuperFit Hero athletic clothing.

I've had this SuperFit Hero's Capris since November around thanksgiving. I intentionally waited a couple of weeks before I blog about it. I wanted to truly test the capris and see how it wears and feels. So after wearing it out for I would say 7 times I can finally say that it truly is what it claims to be. Yes! it doesn't slip, it is extremely well and high quality made. Best of all it is comfortable and breathable. Great for outdoor workout and gym wear. 

Available from size XS to 3XL. 

So if your New years resolution is to lose some weight or not this Capris from SuperFit Hero is a total must have!

xoxo Ella Z.