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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey Curvies! Fall/Winter doesn't have to be dark and boring. Green and red are not the only color of the Holidays/Christmas. This season is actually the perfect time to wear a pop of color but choose your color wisely. Red, Green,Cobalt Blue,Purple,Gold and Silver are the popular colors to use this season. If you're  fashion and style follower these colors are a good guide to use but let's be honest, everything boils down to our personal choice. So if want to wear bright yellow and orange,Go ahead.You do you boo!

Here's something to add to your Christmas list. Something blue and bold. Stand out this winter with this Royal Blue Coat from Fashion to Figure. A fun and easy way to spice up a cold winter night. Curvies! Get this coat before it's gone. An amazing quality for such an affordable price. Check it out here and snag an additional discount. Oh, I almost forgot. This coat is available in red as well.

xoxo Ella Z.


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