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Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey Curvies! Happy Monday loves! How's everyone's weekend? I had a crazy busy one. I didn't even want to get up earlier but what can I do I had to go to work. Anyway enough complaining...

A fabulous outfit can make any day better. Like this one! A transitional outfit style from summer to fall. You know me, a chambray top is always a good Idea. You can pair it with almost any bottom in your closet.

It's Maxi season again curvies! For me the best time to wear a Maxi skirt is during Fall. Yes of course you can wear it any season you want. It all depends on the color and material. What I have on right now can be worn both summer and fall because it's a basic color with a twist of pattern.

 STYLZOO ~ Plus size printed maxi skirt it's made from a very soft material and an accent of b&w striped sheer chiffon bottom. I go for comfort and this skirt feels so comfortable on plus the elegant design. I mean what else could you ask for. It's a total must have for this upcoming fall season.

Kate Spade ~ Nicollette Mason's purse from sbrpopup shopping event 

xoxo Ella Z.

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