Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey Curvies! I'm back loves I came from a very inspirational weekend retreat. It's a great way to go away from all the stress and just refresh everything.

Today's post is part of my Living Doll La Plus - Back to the 70's collection choice. I chose a baseball tee because a lot of you has been asking me where to buy a plus size version of the trend.

 Moon Child Tee ~ Living Doll La Plus
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Chose this design in particular because I thought it's cute.  Unknowingly there's a meaning behind the word Moon Child , the astrological sign Cancer. So if you're born around the cancer sign, this is the perfect baseball tee for you. 

Living Doll La Plus baseball tee comes in many more designs . Material is velvety soft and a flattering flowy fit. 

I simply paired it with a distressed jeans and a military jacket. Easy simple perfect as a school outfit.

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xoxo Ella Z.

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