BeautyConLa '15

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey Curvies! Last Saturday a huge BeautyConLA event was held at the LA Reef. I came to meet my fellow plus size influencers and to see + experience the event.
It was my first time going and I rate the whole event a 7 out of 10. Main issue everything wasn't well planned/Unorganized . I had to wait 2 hours to get inside the event , it was hella packed and Unorganized. Yes, there was a huge and awesome vendors ,brands and influencers/celebrities but there was just so much going. They didn't have enough space and staff to help keep everything moving the way it should be. Overall I still enjoyed because of all the people I've met but I do wish that next year t'be organize. 

BeautyCon dress from Sophia Vergara Collection.

love love the studiomucci tassel garland wall.
Us the fab plus size ladies of instagram. 
The Gorg Roxy of rrrstylings

The tassel fairy Amina.
Got extremely lucky at the Maybelline spin & win wheel.
The bomb instagram famous california donuts.

Kristen Dominique
These lovely girls that I met while I'm in line to go inside BeautyCon.
The fill it yourself Birchbox

Belinda Selene

Can you tell my Photo Booth addiction? LOL

Do I recommend the event? Yes, but make sure you have all the patience to wait long hours.
BeautyCon or Gen Beauty? Gen Beauty all the way... worth the ticket and organize ++ Freebies!

xoxo Ella Z.

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