Curveella Fitness ~ Lola Getts Sweatshirt

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hey Curvies! Time for another Curveella Fitness . I'm really excited for today's featured apparel from Lola Getts. I got it over a month ago and I've been wearing it non stop since. 

Omg! Curvies I found my go to workout sweatshirt. It's very very comfortable on, it's like wearing a blanket while working out, No joke! I wore this for pilates and zumba and sweat like crazy. I mean I was sweating but I wasn't annoyed because I'm wearing something so soft on me.

The best thing about this sweatshirt is the casual chic design/cut. I look so stylish whenever I go around with this. Oh, btw I'm wearing the same Embossed legging from my recent blog , I just pulled it up to my knees.

LG Sweatshirt Grey ~ Lola Getts
Embossed Legging ~ Lola Getts 

xoxo Ella Z,

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