Ready for a hot spring

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hey Curvies! Look who's summer ready... Fashion wise I'm ready but summer heat I don't think so.  Yes, It is just Spring but guys it's so hot here in Socal. I mean 90+C in the middle of spring is crazy. I'll seriously wear anything that will make me feel cooling and comfortable.

Just like this  Pretty Cami by Swak Designs  that I'm wearing today. It's a loose fit flowy style cami made from a thin cotton material. A very comfortable style and material to move around. Of course a good pair of distressed denim shorts is always a great option for a hot day.

Pretty Cami ~ Swak Designs
Denim Shorts ~ Wet Seal +
Sandals ~ Ingga Sandals
Sunnies ~ eBay

xoxo Ella Z.

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Malesh Active x Curveellla Fitness

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hey Curvies! I'm starting a new series here on my blog. Entitled " Curveella Fitness ". So apparently I decided to workout again. Yes, workout to lose some weight because I've gained so much weight for the past year and I'm on my heaviest right now and I'm not happy about it so I decided to change things a bit. Please don't get me wrong when I said that I wanted to lose some weight, Yes I'm a plus size fashion blogger and Yes I have to maintain a certain size to be classified as a plus size woman. But I'm also concerned about my health, I have to move more,eat less and eat healthier. So wish me luck as I start my fitness journey. For a Healthier and Sexier Curveella.

As part my new series you guys are coming along with me. I will be blogging about my gym fashion and working out in style. I will also be reviewing as much plus size active wear brands as I can. Fortunately there are a lot of active wear brands that are producing plus sizes now. So stay tuned for that.

Starting of with Malesh activewear. An ath-leisure activewear brand for plus size women. Malesh activewear will be launched soon this coming Summer. Yey! You can actually get first dibs on all Malesh activewear line by pre-ordering now. Sign-up on Malesh activewear news letter to get a heads up when it launches.

As you can see below I had the privilege to actually try some pieces from Malesh activewear line before it launches. I'm definitely loving it! They sent me a trial sample as they are perfecting the actual design. What I have on are not the final design but its already Awesome! It does look like plain and simple but the fit and the interior of the clothes sold me. The top has this high quality garter that has a serious boobie support. The bottoms are definitely a plus because it's a true high waisted and it DOESN'T roll. Yes, it does not. I will be updating more about Malesh activewear in the coming days.

PS - I wanted to wear a cap but this ear cap is all I got . Looks cute anyway : ))

xoxo Ella Z.

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Bold and Vibrant

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey Curvies! How's your week going so far? As for me I received a very exciting news this morning. It is definitely something to look out for. Hint!! It's a collaboration for a clothing line. WINK! 

Bold Vibrant Dress  is the perfect dress to express how excited and happy I am for my next projects. It's like a celebration  dress ... It's bold,bright and vibrant with  twist. 

Trumpet Dress is from my favorite boutique Curvaceous Boutique.

Trumpet Dress ~ Curvaceous Boutique

Floral Necklace ~ Baublebar/eBay

xoxo Ella Z.

Real Curves by KIYONNA I

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hey Curvies! I'm a sharing a very exciting news today.

Remember when I blogged about a sneak peek of my Kiyonna shoot? Well.. Here it is! The first outfit  is out. This is just one of 4 outfits that I shot with them.  As part of Kiyonna's Real Curves and Blogger Brigade program. See me on your Kiyonna daily email, Facebook and of course on Kiyonna's site.

You can shop this look for sure, I'll have all the details below. A fitted royal blue top with a flattering ruched surplice silhouette and flowy kimono sleeves paired with an asymmetrical black skirt.

Aly Asymmetical Skirt ~ Kiyonna 
Kiera Top ~ Kiyonna

xoxo Ella Z.

Play and go with the breeze

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hey Curvies! It is Spring and I can definitely feel the perfect spring weather. The breeze that calls for a flowy and playful dress has arrived. I've been on a spring dresses buying mode lately and I get so overwhelmed with all the variety of styles and designs. One thing that I've been obsessed lately and also my basis for dress shopping is Unique cuts/hem of a dress. The simple cuts and details that gives a dress a character and style.

Like this Handkerchief dress from Swak Designs. A one of kind hem that goes from midi to a side maxi flowy panels. The wing like panels that will surely move and play with the breeze.

Handkerchief  Dress ~ Swak Designs
Pearl Choker ~ NY2YOU Plus size jewelry
Heels ~ Reflection

xoxo Ella Z.

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Dare Magazine Feature

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey Curvies! Happy Weekend!

It is indeed a happy and wonderful weekend. DARE Magazine Canada, a plus size magazine issued their first Blogger's edition and I am so blessed to be featured on the #Daretowear page.

xoxo Ella Z.

Kiyonna's Headquarters!

Hey Curvies! I've got something to get you excited about. KIYONNA x CURVEELLA . Stay tuned,full details coming real soon. Here's a sneak peek for now : )

I also had the privileged to visit Kiyonna's Headquarters. I met the beautiful  kiyonna girls, experienced the glam of  Kiyonna's elegant interiors and saw Kiyonna's full collection. 

A great place to have a girls day out and retail therapy. Shop till you drop , style Kiyonna's collection and have the best time with your gals.  


Experience the wonderful service and see the beautiful faces of Kiyonna's staff. Come and visit Kiyonna's Boutique. 

The Kiyonna Showroom

1315 N. Brasher ST. Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
714-956-5588 Ext. 9209

xoxo Ella Z.