Sophisticated Spring

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey Curvies! The spring post continues... A yet another spring fashion inspiration, this time it's more on the mature, prim and proper style with a fun twist.

Highlighting this Floral crop top, skirt set from Assorted Flavas Fashion. A pencil cut skirt set with an elegant floral pattern and black solid double sided trimmings for an added illusion. A set that shows sophistication and femininity.

Skirt set separates and accentuates the tummy area. Yes, plus sizes' tend to be bigger on that area but actually showing a little skin around the tummy creates an illusion of a sexier body and middle separation can make you look taller. I am shortie and I have a very short torso so if your like me and you want to rock skirt sets I've got a trick for you. Tying or knotting the crop top can easily lessen the length of the top and can now show skin. Plus that knot actually serves as an extra style , personalized it. Knot it on the side or middle it's all up to you. It just gives it a whole lot of style and works as an instant hemming.

Heels ~ Reflections

xoxo Ella Z.

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