Single ladies guide to Valentine's day.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Curvies!

Hey Curvies! I've posted  a few Valentine's outfit inspo, from dressy,party to casual. Today I will be covering YOU or US single ladies! So What are we suppose to do on Valentine's day? All the deets and read down below as I end my Valentine's '15 series.

Yes, I'm Single. But that won't stop me from celebrating Valentine's Day. You may think that I'm crazy but I just want to make the most out of this special day. 

 ( Must have to celebrate/survive Feb 14. )

All you need are these 3 special ingredients! Lol

- FOOD  lots of Foods. Sweets, chips, ice cream etc. Eat em all. you have all the right to eat comfort food today.

- MOVIE rent a movie redbox, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or watch your favorite series. Anything that can possibly entertain you.

- BEAR a bear or plush to cuddle with. Basically anything that is soft and can be hugged. In my case it's Pooh bear since I'm a huge pooh lover and I have a massive collection of him. 

Bonus, buy yourself a flower or a balloon to feel the festivity of the day and for an even more Valentine's feel. 

Now that you have those stuff. It's time for a backyard picnic/movie night. Isn't a wonderful idea than just crying, sleeping and wasting the day?

Well obviously this isn't a fashion styling related post. It's something that I did for FUN. I just want make everyone happy and to put I smile on your beautiful face.

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether your single or taken. It's a special day to celebrate LOVE .Couple love, family love, friends love whatever love it is the most important thing to celebrate is SELF LOVE. Love yourself first and everything goes. Enjoy your day and may everyone have a wonderful blessed Valentines '15.

Love Love Love 

xoxo Ella Z.

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