A Moroccan Twist

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey Curvies! As usually weather is cray and bipolar, right when I'm about to post my spring collection'15 it started raining here in Socal. But who cares everything has been pre shot and I wont hold on to it. It's hot and tropical somewhere anyway.Right?

How adorable is this skirt right? I'm so in love with the unique print that it has. I'm not really sure what this print is called, I believe it's a mixture of paisley and moroccan print.  The skirt itself is  very soft and comfortable and also I love how the cut is very much flattering.

Styling wise I didn't go hard on it, I simply wore a black crop top I didn't want to just wear a plain jane crop top so I knotted the middle for an added style, I've also been seeing much of this knotted tops around so I guess it's a new trend. I also showed a bit of skin around my tummy for a twist. It's bit of a risk but I can't just be norm all the time so for a change I did it, well I hope I pulled it off.

Monrongo Skirt ~ Savvy Sistas Shoppe
Crop Top ~ Forever 21 plus ( same )
Sunnies ~ eBay

xoxo Ella Z.

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