Pretty Classy Cashmere

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hey Curvies! It's time for a mid week post. Hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far. I'm pretty excited for  today's post. It sure is one of Curveella's top favorites. 
Ok so, Vizual Effxx pretty unique name right? Today's outfit is sponsored by this online shop and let me just tell you, they have unique and one of kind pieces. It's one of those stores that people should definitely know about.Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about. A shop that just starting but I totally recommend.  

Cashmere Jacket  isn't this the chicest, Classiest and prettiest jacket you've ever seen? A little exaggerated I know but I just love it so much, it makes me look so mature ,expensive and classy.The way that this Cashmere Jacket was cut and designed makes a simple outfit form 5 to 10. Plus it's so easy to style and it goes with everything. I just styled with a plain black maxi dress because I want the jacket to be the focal point of the outfit. But there's really a million ways to style this like with black pants, jumpsuit ,distressed jeans and even skirts. 

Sizing wise , I'm wearing the biggest size they have which is 2x and I have to say this run a bit small so a 2x would be perfect for US size 14-16. 


Cashmere Jacket  ~ Vizual Effxx
Maxi dress ~ Sears (same)
Floppy Hat ~ Target
Purse ~ Kate Spade 

xoxo Ella Z.


  1. Love the jacket and its cut. Looking very pretty babe. And really love your hair too........

  2. Such a cute jacket! I like the hat too, does it run big? I have a big head with my locs and need a roomy hat! Thanks!

    1. Thanks love. I have a big head as well so I guess it will fit you.

  3. I love your outfit..especially the hat!