The Beauty of Temecula

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey Curvies! Happy new year! Posting my first outfit blog post for 2015. Well it's actually a trip to Temecula,Ca last December. Sharing all the beauty of the vineyards and wineries. 

I knew that we were going to Temecula, so I immediately thought of wineries. My thoughts were wow wineries, vineyards place where class and mature people would go. My siblings and I didn't really go there to go do wine tasting or anything we simply just wanted to see something new and different. But of course I took advantage of it, I'm going to a nice scenic place anyway, might as well go all out and glam up for a blog on location shoot.

So I went for a more mature grown up look inspired by the nude neutral tones of Kim Kardashians' style. Took my favorite nude tone trenchcoat/cardigan out and busted out my Louis' and my glam floppy hat and styled it together for a nude monochromatic style. 

There I was totally feeling like a grown up woman, pretending that I like wine.LOL and just embracing the moment with my sister and appreciating the green, fresh and relaxing beauty of the vineyards. 

Trenchcoat/cardigan ~ Umgee USA Plus
Top ~ H & M
Pants ~ Mode Plus
Sunnies ~ Michael Kors
Floppy hat ~ Ebay
Location ~ Temecula, California

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xoxo Ella Z.

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