Red jumpsuit ( prepping for the holidays )

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hey Curvies! It's never to early too prepare for the holiday parties, right? So if you're planning your holiday outfits like I am. You're probably looking for shops that has variety of plus size clothing. Well, I just found a boutique that serious has a wide variety of clothes, from casual,semi formal to glam.Curvaceous Boutique has it all! 

Today I'll be showing you 1 of the 3 that I'll be styling from their collection. THE Red Bandage Jumpsuit. A red soft material with an edgy faux leather trimmings. Great great quality! 

I personally love jumpsuits, it's kind of like my power suit. Whenever I wear one I feel good, it's comfortable and stylish plus I can move freely unlike when I'm wearing a dress. 

I didn't go to hard styling this jumpsuit. It already has the leather trimming to accentuate everything. I just added more leather to it. Leather heels plus I caped a leather jacket over my shoulders for that added edgy chic look. 

* I am only 5' tall, so the jumpsuit is way too long on me. If you're a plus tall woman then this is the perfect length for you. If not, rockin'  high heels can definitely give you a lift or getting it hemmed is always a good idea. 

 xoxo Ella Z.

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