Plus size Carrie Bradshaw

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey Curvies! As you can see from the title above. I am channeling my inner CARRIE BRADSHAW on today's blog post. Carrie Bradshaw was obviously my style inspiration for this look. I paired up my
 " Petticoat as a Tulle skirt " with a shopping tee and a bold hot pink jacket plus a statement shoes. I seriously never thought , that I call pull off a tulle skirt/ tutu style. But I guess that the table just turned and I just can't get enough of this skirt! So to all of  you Curvies , don't hesitate to try and be playful with different styles. I have a discount code down below , so if your interested to purchase this skirt or try on different kinds of styles ,use my code and  head over to All Figures Fashion.

This outfit is my own definition of a Playful Chic style and I am totally labeling this look as a "Plus size Carrie Bradshaw". This is one of my favorite look that I styled so far! WINK!

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xoxo Ella Z.

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