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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys been? I hope all of you are doing great. There's this store near me;where I've been going shopping for almost two years now. It is where I buy most of my trendy and stylish clothes. I thought it was just a local store. But then I found out that they are already a big in store and online clothing company. Since majority of my styled outfits are clothes from their company.I decided to contact them and asked if we could work together. And they said yes, yey! : ) The store that I'm talking about is, STYLES FOR LESS.

STYLES FOR LESS is an online and in store clothing company that offers junior size to plus size apparel.. They sell clothes and accessories that is very trendy and affordable. Most of it are usually a replica of a designer apparel.

STYLES FOR LESS sent me $75 worth of styles dollars. I used it to buy clothes, to style and review.

Here's the first part of our collaboration. I pulled out these Flare Crop top and lightweight cardigan. Made with thin, breathable material. A nice and affordable replica of  Brandy Melville crop top and cardigan. It is very comfy, perfect for this warm spring/summer weather. I paired it with this loose fit floral shorts/ pajama shorts.

Crop Top Styles for less
Cardigan Styles for less
Shorts similar at Styles for less
Shoes Reflections

xoxo. Ella Z.

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