Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Curvies! We all love to hashtag #OOTD, millions around the world are doing it and since the craze of hashtagging started I've been wanting and looking for a shirt that says #OOTD. I finally found it guys. It's the perfect shirt to show my addiction for posting outfit of the day. Here it is guys. 

This #OOTD SHIRT is part of the 3rd entry for my " STYLES FOR LESS " series. You'll also see the LEATHER SKIRT that I paired it with. Both of the shirt and skirt are from Styles For Less. I personally choose it at their store near my place. At first I just  wanted to get it because I like what the shirt says and I've always wanted  a leather looking circle skirt. But I was really surprised and impressed with the quality, specially the quality of the skirt. Of course it's not a real leather skirt,  but for a $14.99 leather looking skirt. who can say no to that right? I linked the LEATHER SKIRT here guys! Make sure you buy it, it's a must have for your wardrobe. You can style it in many ways. Here's a simple and easy way to style it. I just wrapped a plaid shirt around my waist to add an extra color to the outfit and to make the look complete I wore a statement gladiator sandals. hope you like it guys. 

xoxo Ella Z.


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