Drape/Twirl Skirt I

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys doing? So I was contacted and asked by LUXE VAIN boutique to review and give  feedback on their apparel. They let me choose whatever item I wanted. So I went ahead to there website and chose "The Twirl Maxi Skirt ". I've been seeing a lot of  styled outfits of drape/twirl skirt all over the internet and I've been wanting to style one myself. I've search a lot of online and in store boutiques  for it, and I just couldn't find one for my size.So when I saw that Luxe Vain has it. I immediately emailed them and told them that, that is the one  I'm interested to style and review. I received it and I started thinking on How I am going to style it in a unique and different way possible. So here is the LOOK 1. Hope you like it.

For the First look I  tried a Black&Nude look. I decided to wear " The Twirl Maxi Skirt " with a leather nude vest. To add a pop of color I wore a basic coral top inside and to accentuate my waist, I buckled on a black belt.Not my usual style but I think it came out really nice. 

The skirt is made of a thin,very soft rayon material. The drape goes down perfectly and the skirt has a thin stretch band on top , perfect for us plus size women. I love everything about the skirt and I totally recommend it to all of you. Again this skirt is the " Twirl maxi skirt " from LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE.

 LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE is an online fashion boutique that offers apparel for junior S-L and plus sizes. I had an easy transaction with them and very fast shipping A+.

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