Monday, June 30, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys been? Summer season hear in California has officially started. So today's Monday Blog post is all about Summer dress outfit inspiration. I'll be showing you how I styled a white statement summer maxi dress." BOHO CRUSH MAXI DRESS" is my 4th entry for my styles for less series.

The dress comes with a statement belt, so I didn't add to much accessory. The sunnies, beaded chandelier earrings and a bold floral kimono cardigan,gave it a more stylish look.

Totally inlove with the sheer crochet bottom of this dress.  

Featured dress  BOHO CRUSH MAXI DRESS 
Kimono Cardigan similar FLORAL KIMONO

Xoxo.Ella Z.

Drape,Stripes,Floral and Leopard print.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello Curvies! Today I'll be showing you the second look that I styled with LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE, " Twirl Maxi Skirt". Along with GLOSSTRESS " Flor "clutch. For this look I did the "Mixed Print" trend. You'll see how I mixed all Stripes, Floral and Leopard print in one whole outfit, without looking overly styled. The key to mixing prints is to use it in minimal amount at a time, so It wont over power each other. Here's a little style inspiration for you Curvies!

Order your own "TWIRL MAXI SKIRT"  available for plus sizes at LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE.

xoxo.Ella Z.

Floral Clutch

Hey Curvies! Today I'll be showing you the close-ups and details of the " FLOR " clutch that I used in my recent blog post ( Drape,Stripes,Floral and Leopard print ) where I did a how to mixed prints. I will also review and give my honest feed back of the clutch for you Curvies.

' FLOR " by GLOSSTRESS is a single flap envelope clutch. Made with a solid floral rose fabric. It's a large size clutch 15" X 10". That shows all the details of the print. The trimming and threading is perfectly lined and done.
The interior is faux leather lining and has a magnetic closure.

I honestly.  100% love this clutch. I highly recommend it, it will surely make a simple outfit standout. The bold print that it has makes it a statement accessory. I totally love the print but I am more in love with material and quality that it has.

GLOSSTRESS is high quality custom made handbag shop. With  featured designs just like this " FLOR " clutch. you can contact and email them at INFO@GLOSSTRESS.COM.

GLOSSTRESS  is giving away 1 one "Flor" clutch to a lucky reader/follower, which will be announced on my instagram @CURVEELLA. rules and instructions for the giveaway will be up soon. Stay tuned Curvies!

xoxo.Ella Z

Drape/Twirl Skirt I

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys doing? So I was contacted and asked by LUXE VAIN boutique to review and give  feedback on their apparel. They let me choose whatever item I wanted. So I went ahead to there website and chose "The Twirl Maxi Skirt ". I've been seeing a lot of  styled outfits of drape/twirl skirt all over the internet and I've been wanting to style one myself. I've search a lot of online and in store boutiques  for it, and I just couldn't find one for my size.So when I saw that Luxe Vain has it. I immediately emailed them and told them that, that is the one  I'm interested to style and review. I received it and I started thinking on How I am going to style it in a unique and different way possible. So here is the LOOK 1. Hope you like it.

For the First look I  tried a Black&Nude look. I decided to wear " The Twirl Maxi Skirt " with a leather nude vest. To add a pop of color I wore a basic coral top inside and to accentuate my waist, I buckled on a black belt.Not my usual style but I think it came out really nice. 

The skirt is made of a thin,very soft rayon material. The drape goes down perfectly and the skirt has a thin stretch band on top , perfect for us plus size women. I love everything about the skirt and I totally recommend it to all of you. Again this skirt is the " Twirl maxi skirt " from LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE.

 LUXE VAIN BOUTIQUE is an online fashion boutique that offers apparel for junior S-L and plus sizes. I had an easy transaction with them and very fast shipping A+.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Curvies! We all love to hashtag #OOTD, millions around the world are doing it and since the craze of hashtagging started I've been wanting and looking for a shirt that says #OOTD. I finally found it guys. It's the perfect shirt to show my addiction for posting outfit of the day. Here it is guys. 

This #OOTD SHIRT is part of the 3rd entry for my " STYLES FOR LESS " series. You'll also see the LEATHER SKIRT that I paired it with. Both of the shirt and skirt are from Styles For Less. I personally choose it at their store near my place. At first I just  wanted to get it because I like what the shirt says and I've always wanted  a leather looking circle skirt. But I was really surprised and impressed with the quality, specially the quality of the skirt. Of course it's not a real leather skirt,  but for a $14.99 leather looking skirt. who can say no to that right? I linked the LEATHER SKIRT here guys! Make sure you buy it, it's a must have for your wardrobe. You can style it in many ways. Here's a simple and easy way to style it. I just wrapped a plaid shirt around my waist to add an extra color to the outfit and to make the look complete I wore a statement gladiator sandals. hope you like it guys. 

xoxo Ella Z.

COCO made me do it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys been? I hope everyone's having a great week so far. Today's a very special day. The 18th of june , marks the 1st monthsary of Curveella ! Yey! Thank you to all of you,my readers and followers. It has been a wonderful, fun and Blessed month.

To celebrate our 1st monthsary, here's a new outfit and styling tips for you guys. Today I'll be showing you how to style a quote/words shirt. Featuring the " COCO MADE ME DO IT " shirt from Urban Sew .

I've been in the hunt for a quote/word shirt since the trend started last fall. It's all over the internet but it's always not available for plus sizes. I saw a couple that sell plus sized word shirt, but it's always ridiculously overpriced.So if you're like me, the hunt for an affordable word shirt is over! I came across the online shop Urban Sew . They sell this " Coco made me do it " shirt for less than $20.

I  styled it with a leather circle skirt, red stiletto,gold hardware belt and statement necklace. For a chic stylish look.

Urban Sew also sent me this gorgeous statement Sexy red lipstick chain necklace. It's a great quality for fancy jewelry, it's kinda heavy because it's made from a high quality metal. Urban sew also sell  Red lipstick earrings and Red lipstick ring to go along with the necklace.

 For a casual look I wore the shirt with a long cardigan, distressed jeans and a lace up heels. Great for a casual/errand day.

I was inspired by Khloe kardashian's look. A simple tee with a statement chanel bag really made it look so stylish. 

Leather skirt styles for less
Shoes Reflection
Long Cardigan JCpenney

Head over to Urban Sew website for more junior-plus size apparel and accessories. 

xoxo Ella Z.

Floral tube top

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi Curvies! How are you? I hope all of you had a fun weekend. Here's the second part of my Styles For Less series.Featuring this Floral Tube Top. This tube top really caught my eye, I instantly fell in love with its unique print. I love how the floral print is very different and uncommon. I like the material so much, inside is made of  a soft cotton material and the outside, where the floral print is imprinted is made out of a sheer mesh material. Best of all I love that it is a loose fit top, very flattering and it easily kept my belly fat unnoticeable.

When it comes to styling a floral or printed top. I usually choose one color from the print then I
use that as a basis to look for a perfect bottom. For the first look I chose the color blue from this Floral tube top  then I paired it with a cut-out circle skirt. The print and texture matched perfectly. It gave it an extra stylish look.

For the second look. I paired it with a mint colored circle skirt. Since the skirt is plain, I decided to accessorize it with chain necklace, gold bangle and a statement flower sandals. 

Floral Tube Top Styles for less
Blue & Mint Skirt Macy's 
Necklace & Bangle H&M 
Shoes Reflection 

xoxo Ella Z.

Styles For Less.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hi Curvies! How you guys been? I hope all of you are doing great. There's this store near me;where I've been going shopping for almost two years now. It is where I buy most of my trendy and stylish clothes. I thought it was just a local store. But then I found out that they are already a big in store and online clothing company. Since majority of my styled outfits are clothes from their company.I decided to contact them and asked if we could work together. And they said yes, yey! : ) The store that I'm talking about is, STYLES FOR LESS.

STYLES FOR LESS is an online and in store clothing company that offers junior size to plus size apparel.. They sell clothes and accessories that is very trendy and affordable. Most of it are usually a replica of a designer apparel.

STYLES FOR LESS sent me $75 worth of styles dollars. I used it to buy clothes, to style and review.

Here's the first part of our collaboration. I pulled out these Flare Crop top and lightweight cardigan. Made with thin, breathable material. A nice and affordable replica of  Brandy Melville crop top and cardigan. It is very comfy, perfect for this warm spring/summer weather. I paired it with this loose fit floral shorts/ pajama shorts.

Crop Top Styles for less
Cardigan Styles for less
Shorts similar at Styles for less
Shoes Reflections

xoxo. Ella Z.